2020 LunarFest - Doors Open

The Voices of Immigrants Human migration is similar to opening doors. Seeking a better and happier lifestyle is almost the only motive behind these movements of people.  The thought of living in a safe and free land provides the power to take on challenges to better ourselves and the world. We reflect on our path and our memories but we are all about building a better future together! Facing the fears of the unknown and uncertainties, the inner struggle before opening a new door is sometimes unimaginable to those on the other side.  Before the door opens, we yearn for faces of warmth and welcome because they represent hope, happiness, and acceptance. We are prepared to answer with overwhelming gratitude and appreciation for kindness. The moment when doors open, people connect; it is a new beginning!


Intern 01 Jason Wei

Jason Wei

Leadership Volunteer 02 Karen Cheung

Karen Cheung

Mei-Chen Chen

William Lo

Helen Liu

Tina Lu

Mila Le

Sherry Yang

Leadership Volunteer 09 Judy Liu

Judy Liu

Leadership Volunteer 10 Phil Tsai

Phil Tsai

Leadership Volunteer 11 Louise Sun

Louise Sun

Intern 06 Megan Wang

Megan Wang

Each year, hundreds of volunteers contribute tens of hundreds of hours across many capacities and various roles to ACSEA.  Together we create opportunities for new artistic expressions to flourish, all while having a great time!

If you are looking for opportunity to utilize your education and training in a real-world application with real content and deadlines in the aspects of your study field, we have volunteering opportunities in marketing, visual design, human resource management, project management, or business administration waiting for you.

Join the ACSEA volunteer family to gain your career experiences, and connections and friendships that will last for a lifetime.

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