2025 Bamboo Lantern Project

2025 The Lantern City - Huei-Ting Tsai

Huei-Ting Tsai believes that even if traditional needs are replaced by newer mediums, the skills and characteristics of bamboo weaving can still solve the problems of modern society. 

For bamboo crafts, weaving is an art of logic. She fell in love with this kind of logical thinking, and she is a master at cutting bamboo! Huei-Ting is only about five feet tall, but she can carry bamboo stalks twice her height. From harvesting the raw material to sitting down and weaving, she lets the bamboo’s natural beauty speak for itself. 

In 2025, Huei-Ting will be weaving life-size bamboo lanterns as part of The Lantern City. If you are a weaver, a crafts artist, or a bamboo enthusiast, please sign up on this interest form for the chance to participate in this project!

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