The Lantern City 2024


Traditionally, the dragon symbolizes authority and nobility. After being passed down from generation to generation, what is the essence of the dragon’s spirit? Dragons have found their way into many literary and artistic masterpieces. Outside of fiction, many people take pride in being “descended” from the dragon.

LunarFest 2024


Do cultural symbols represent identity or the limits of it? Is it a reflection on our civilization, or a search for a sense of belonging? Do we only want to tell the stories of the past, or do we hope to create stories for the future?

TAIWANfest 2023

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When the Dutch East India Company (VOC) left Taiwan in 1662, 38 years of Dutch Colonization forever changed the island and its people. Four hundred years later, Taiwanese people still have mixed emotions when it comes to the identity of Taiwan. Yes, the Dutch are long gone, but where are the Taiwanese going?

LunarFest 2023

Under the snow-white moonlightround and mellow with big red eyes…WhiteIs it empty space or gentle warmth?Are you able to see your possibilities in its infinity?

The Lantern City 2023

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We all live and experience life in different ways, shaped by our childhoods, cultural traditions, and changing surroundings. When we come together and share stories, we are creating new ways to see the world, new worlds to discover. Like Alice, with her innocent curiosity and infinite creativity, let’s follow the rabbits into Our Wonderland.

In Reflection Across the Shore

2022 ACSEA featured event

Previous Next In Reflection Across the Shore August 5 – November 6 2022 | Museum of Vancouver During the pandemic, two artists found guidance and solace from the natural environment within their surroundings. The exhibition reflects the development of their art practices within the limitations of travel. They relied on the local ecological and cultural … Read more


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Kanatal [ga-na-dal] means “island” in the Amis language, referring to the small island of Taiwan. The coastline surrounding us is at once an entrance and an exit: different ethnic groups live together on the island and connect with the world through the ocean. Four talented Indigenous musicians come together with their multi-ethnic backgrounds, the epitome of an island society, creating explosive harmony that boldly crosses borders.

LunarFest 2022

2022 LF - Year of the Tiger

Tigers are solitary creatures and not one tiger is alike. For humans, each of us has a unique soul, and our differences form the treasures of humanity. Tigers are humble animals, known for their patience and determination. For humans, these traits are virtues that often determine whether one is accomplished or just ordinary.

The Lantern City 2022

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Vancouver is a young city.
Her youth is exhibited in nature, always refreshing and vibrant.
Her youth is displayed by the people, always curious and imaginative.
Her youth is celebrated by the movements, always progressive and provocative.

Lanterns are an art form long in existence.
It functions as a light.
It serves as an inspiration.
It is also known as a celebration.

TAIWANfest 2021

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Culture is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. A stereotype is a standardized mental picture that is held in common towards members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment. Both “culture” and “stereotype” are two words often used without consciously differentiating distinctions and because of Canada’s multiculturalism, our society is always facing these challenges.