Let’s Savour Taiwan

Archive 11 Savour Taiwan

Let’s Savour Taiwan Savour the tastes and share the stories from this land called Taiwan “I am not a farmer – how can I be of help to these eco-friendly farmers?” “What kind of environment will we create tomorrow with the choices we make today?” “What can such small actions ever hope to achieve?” This … Read more

QC Store – Eco Friendly Straws

Archive 10 QC Store

Taiwan’s most beautiful non-plastic advocates Giving just one more breath to our maritime The QC Store debuted with its 316 Series Stainless Steel Straws in August 2013 and, by the end of 2016, had released eight more environmentally sustainable tableware products including Heat Resistant Glass Straws and Organic Cotton Cutlery Bags. The mission of the … Read more

Wild and Field

Archive 09 Wild and Field

The Wild Children who are Selling Meinong Village Treasured destinations that can’t be found on Google Maps! The Meinong Water Bridge is something that everyone in Meinong Village gets excited about in the summer. It is also a treasured childhood memory for those who have left Meinong Village. In the Hakka language, “Wild and Field” … Read more

Green Light Farm

Archive 06 Green Light Farm

The Tea with No Fragrance No. 1 tea of the next century! Rather than focus on the taste of the tea, farmers of Green Light Farm care more about protecting the environment. Instead of using herbicide and artificial fertilizers, they allow tea trees to grow naturally. Without the help of artificial fertilizers, the leaves are … Read more

Formosan Foods

Archive 03 Formosan Foods

The Dining Room Experimenter Helping conscientious chefs find “authentic” ingredients Huang Shih Han is a chef who used to work in a Western-style restaurant, creating delicious dishes using ingredients from around the world. Every ingredient carries the story of its origin. However, chefs don’t have the time nor energy to explore and search for unique … Read more

Mong Ho Ho Barn

Archive 08 Mong Ho Ho Barn

“so-tsháu” is not “Slacking Off”! The elders often say: “You can’t have too much of a good thing.” For over hundreds of years, villages in the mountains of Gongliao District in Taiwan have maintained traditional methods for farming: using manpower and animals instead of machines. From breeding, transplanting, and weeding to pollinating, harvesting, and fallowing, … Read more

Wan Feng Soy Sauce

Archive 05 Wan Feng Soy Sauce

The Soy Sauce Engineer who left the Tech Industry Search for the Original Taiwanese Flavour “This is the flavour! This is taste from my memories!” exclaims an aunt on tasting Kuo Pin’s sauce. Shin Wan Feng Sauce was previously known as the Douliu Wan Feng food company. Despite his family’s concerns over the difficulty of … Read more

Yanzhi Pickling Club

Archive 07 Yanzhi

Go On, Have a Taste of your Yanzhi (Blush)! Exploring the timeline of love and romance Yanzhi is a small-batch pickling studio producing pickles and fermented foods. For generations, pickling and fermentation have been the traditional methods of preserving food, allowing our ancestors to enjoy the fruits of Mother Earth long after the harvest season. … Read more

Serenity Ocean Herb Farm

Archive 04 Serenity Ocean

Dreaming in a Northeastern Monsoon The future legend of Northern Taiwanese youthEarth-holder Agriculture Association Ting Shao and a group of youth who returned to farm along the North Coast established the “Earth-holder Agriculture Association”. Together they tackle the difficulties they face, organize tours for visitors, and connect different industries together to show the uniqueness of … Read more

Boars Go Wild Over Brown Sugar

Archive 02 Brown Sugar

Boars Go Wild Over Brown Sugar Bringing out the goodness and sweetness of Taiwan A veteran of organic farming with over a decade of experience, this nanny knows quite well of the importance of co-existing with the land. She believes that when we treat the environment well, it will treat us in kind. Continuing to … Read more