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July 1, 2017 | Scarborough Civic Centre, Toronto | 3:30 pm
July 3, 2017 | Nathan Philips Square, Toronto | 4:00 pm

Founded in 2005, Lan Shin Band is composed of musicians that do not simply play your typical pop, hip pop, rock, traditional folk or other fixed genres; they’re open to trying any style as long as the music revolves around aboriginal culture and tribal customs.

Lan Shin’s songs “Mother’s Eyes,” “Tribe Duli,” and “Wawa” have each won the Taiwan Original Music Award.  In 2011 the group received second prize at the National Aboriginal Band Contest, returning to take the top prize in 2012.  Though they had the opportunity to sign a contract with international record companies and release albums, they declined the invitation.

Lan Shin says, “Without aboriginal languages, there are no roots for our cultures.” Music is how this group of indigenous musicians connect with and pass on their heritages.  Members, including a tribal chief, cultural space manager, music instrument store owner, teacher and civil servants, dedicate their lives to find every opportunity to promote their indigenous cultures.

“Hohaiyan” is a greeting common to many indigenous languages in Taiwan.  The Sounds of Hohaiyan will bring us music inspired by the mountains and oceans.  Nothing documents our past, comforts our souls, and infuses hope in our future better than music.



20082010年,嵐馨樂團的創作《媽媽的眼睛》、《都歷》、《娃娃》陸續得到原創流行音樂大獎的肯定,2011年和2012年更分別獲得原Band大賞比賽亞軍和冠軍,樂團也因此受到法國Buda Music、滾石、艾貝克思等國際主流唱片公司的注意,並獲得簽約發行專輯的機會。但嵐馨樂團卻婉拒了國際公司簽約的邀約。



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