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Family Dinners
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Family Stories
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LUNARFEST 2021 – Family Is Everything

February 11 – 28 | Virtual Program

Family is not an important thing, it’s everything!

Michael J. Fox

Family is where everything begins. Like a comma, it gives us the breathing room for never ending thoughts; it’s the place first to shape our perspectives navigating the world. Like a period, it is often the place where a journey finds its conclusion or prepares for a fresh start. For every story, family is like these punctuation marks; it helps our stories flow well and brings out the emotions succinctly while providing the very foundation to support the narration. People can’t choose where one is born but everyone is born with the ability to love. Only when one learns to love unconditionally, it is then the writing of our life story can truly be profound and beautiful; that is the ultimate sanctuary for our souls.

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