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Founded in March 2004, Asian-Canadian Special Events Association (ACSEA) continues to create sustainable projects in the areas of arts and culture, working with partners across British Columbia, Canada, and internationally following a threefold mandate:

1. Community Engagement – to identify and explore opportunities with organizations and communities to encourage cultural exchange and showcase their celebrated diversity.

2. Fostering New Artistic and Cultural Expressions – Foster new expressions that reflect the unique and vibrant nature of Canada’s diverse population and encourage innovative approaches to artistic and cultural presentations.

3. Platform to Learn and Share – Provide a sufficient platform where traditions of all cultures are presented and celebrated, completing the process of cultural exchange.

ACSEA has a long history of curating and producing large events, including a very successful partnership with Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Cultural Olympiad.

ACSEA’s signature events are spread throughout the year: LunarFest and the Lantern City in the winter, and TAIWANfest Vancouver in the summer.

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